The Talismanic Potato

A magical blend of the real and the surreal, The Talismanic Potato is a quarterly publication that focuses on serious foodie stuff with a tone that is funny, artsy, and sometimes irreverent. We do the glossy stuff: food histories, traditions, regional dishes, chefs, behind-the-scenesters, restaurant reviews AND we use our acerbic wit (and others’!) to tell some pretty damn funny/moving stories about food and the context that surrounds it.

Women-made, independent, quarterly Food and Culture zine from Asheville, NC.  Keeping traditions; making magic.

Profits from zine sale are donated to local food charities.

Available locally at Horse + Hero, Firestorm Coop, and Downtown Books & News!  Available online at our Shop!


Summer 2017 Issue is: On the Road! The Talismanic Potato is now accepting submissions for our next issue! We know you’ve got some traditions and stories, mix tapes and art, recipes and snack attack remedies from your travels and we want to hear & see them! Send writing pieces of about 500 words (or less) or high-resolution art creations to by JUNE 20th and you could be featured in our next issue! 


Both editors-in-chief work in the food industry in Asheville, NC.  Both have called Asheville their home for about a decade and love this beautiful place.  Both realize that while Asheville is a foodie destination for travelers from all over, it also is a place, like many others, where there is significant food poverty.  As such, The Talismanic Potato always plans to donate profits from the sale of the magazine to a food charity in Asheville.

Our contributors are a wide range of beautiful artists and writers.  They come from all backgrounds and professions and are precisely what makes this publication unique.  The Talismanic Potato would be nothing with out them.



If you are interested in purchasing The Talismanic Potato, we are old school.  Send us a check for $15!  We will mail your copy to your door! Please include your name and current legible address.

The Talismanic Potato
87 Clinton Ave
Asheville, NC 28806

Volume 1 Issue 2: Night Foods! ~~ profits to 12 Baskets Cafe

Volume 1 Issue 1: Holidaze is available. ~~ profits to Downtown Welcome Table

Stay tuned for Volume 1 Issue 2: Night Foods.  It will be available at the end of March 2017.

Thank you!


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